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SKI UNITED enterprise initiated by EIGHT & BOB

SKI UNITED is an enterprise initiated by EIGHT & BOB as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program, to help and meet some of the needs of those who most require it.

Once the season is over, the majority of European and American ski schools renew their gear. SKI UNITED wants to bring warmth to the most forgotten corners of the world.
To accomplish this task, we claim for the collaboration of these ski schools by having them recycle their ski gear, so it can be sent to orphanages, schools, hospitals, families…

Eight & Bob's collaboration with the NGO Reforesta

Aware of the global concern for the sustainability of our planet, Eight & Bob has committed to plantand to water twice the number of trees we use in the creation of the packagingof our Original EdP, helping the replantation of diverse tree species.

In this regard, Eight & Bob actively collaborates with Reforesta, a NGO whose objective is to help reforestation in different zones with native species of each geographical area. This is our way to contribute with the reforestation of different areas across Europe.

Eight & Bob collaborates with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is a human rights organization that works to realize Senator Robert F. Kennedy's dream of a peaceful and just world by advancing human rights. It works to support recipients of the RFK Human Rights Award, supports investigative journalists and authors through the RFK Book and Journalism Awards, and educates the public and empowers students to create change in the classroom. Eight & Bob is especially sensitive to certain social causes, including the defense of human rights with the aim of achieving a more just society. In this sense, we proudly collaborate with the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, a prestigious internationally recognized organization managed by Ms. Kerry Kennedy.

The Original special edition perfume

Eight & Bob presents a limited edition in honor of this partnership, a new special edition of Albert Fouquet's Masterpiece, a timeless elegant perfume for the most distinguished men and women: RFK Special Edition. This new fragrance has been launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination. Eight & Bob will collaborate with the foundation by donating part of the revenue received from this special edition as a tribute to Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of a more fair and peaceful world.