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The world around 6 perfumes

The world around 6 perfumes

What is a perfume, if not a trip without leaving the place?

We uncover the bottle and a memory explosion happens.

Some see mountains, beaches, dunes. Others move to special moments and others remember special people, or better yet: it incites them to build a story. Aromas with which we will dare to change our life, or to fall in love again, or to move to another city. This is our particular trip around the world in 6 perfumes, a route with a classic and sophisticated lifestyle, with infinite variables, that never begins neither ends.

We move to the 1930s. The journey begins in France, the perfume capital of the world. The Original, the most exclusive piece created by perfumer Albert Fouquet. An example of sophistication, a timeless and elegant perfume for the most distinguished men and women. Pink notes of pink pepper mixed with the subtle spice of cardamom and garnished with a spicy touch of lemon, evoke a contemporary tone; while the labdanum notes emit a complexity reminiscent of the sweet, fruity and woody aromas of 20th century Paris. Hints of amber and sandalwood accentuate the warmth of this refined fragrance. Through this iconic Eight & Bob perfume, we immerse ourselves in a scent tour of the most exclusive places around the world.

In the shadow of Mont Blanc is our next stop, Megève, known for being the quintessential destination for French bon vivants and the largest fortunes in Europe. Perfect combination of naturalness, sophistication and prestige, a relaxed luxurious atmosphere that attracts those more interested in savoir-vivre than ostentation. And in its simple luxury and its traditional atmosphere, it is presented as a dream destination. In this place is born Nuit de Megève,  sensual, woody and musky, a unisex scent that takes its name in memory of the great night of Megève.

We need a radical change of scenery and we will embark on the Grande Bleue along the French Rivera, a dream in blue, where it is born Cap D´Antibes, a fragrance that was made for the exclusive enjoyment of its creator and became one of the favorites in his private collection. A destination chosen by the family of President Kennedy, writers such as Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Jacques Prevert and Julio Verne. Plus all-time Hollywood stars like Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth. And of course, a destination chosen by painters who evoke the magic of the Antibes sunsets, very difficult to forget, by Claude Monet. An aquatic and woody fragrance that will take us to a memory: golden sunsets from the gardens of the Eden Roc hotel and endless mornings sailing on the Grande Bleue.

We read Flaubert on the train route from Antibes to Provence, from the left bank of the Rhône, to the border with Italy, limiting to the south with the Mediterranean Sea, and by the time we realize we are already in the French countryside, where purple colors explode and fill the air with this delicate fragrance, Champs de Provence. Notes of musk and matte emphasize the earthy and crunchy tones of nature. The impeccable tangle of bergamot, orange, pear and rose brings to life the sweet and tangy scent of fruit trees surrounded by gentle wildflowers. Fresh, green and citrusy, the fragrance captures the mystical beauty of Provence.

Green, and more green like the landscape that surrounds us. We are almost in the half of the route, we are looking for modernity, the clash of cultures. Leaving France is hard, but this landscape is well worth it. Our door to Africa will be, Egypt, the weight of history, exciting sunrises, the Nile smells like sandalwood, leather and patchouli. One of the most exclusive fragrances of its creator, Egypt, a journey through time. Nutmeg and warm spices complement the earthy undertones of patchouli and sandalwood. The splendid scent of lavender radiates with vivid colors.

The entrance to the American continent will be through this island, a paradisiacal environment of white sand and turquoise waters in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Hypnotize the contrast. It will be on the shores of this fabulous island where we uncover Mémoires de Mustique, inspired by the memory of its waters, the eternity of its sunsets and its landscapes that remain unchanged throughout history. A trip to the past to capture its essence in its purest form. The sweet and elegant notes of Orange Blossom blend seamlessly with the citrus floral notes of Neroli, capturing the essence of this private island scent. Notes of Petitgrain and Bergamot bring out the citrus flavors of native Caribbean fruits. A subtle hint of earthy tones of precious woods and white musk grace the lush greenery in the background. Notes of amber complement the aroma, like rich and elegant sunsets over crystal clear waters. Dip your toes into the warm white sand and enjoy a tropical retreat with this wonderful combination of earthy, fruity and floral.